Our Why

We Believe that…

Everyone should have an opportunity to taste Heritage.

Traditions needs to be passed down from generation to generation.

That is why we are sharing our classic recipes with you!

Food that we love growing up!
Food that is close to our hearts.

We want to bring the love, joy, and comfort we’ve experienced to you and the generations to come

Let us relive the good old days. 

Our Story Begins In
The 1990s

Originated from a humble little stall located in a Coffee Shop in the 1990s. Fu Xiang Signatures is best known for its “Award Winning” Curry Chicken. The Curry chicken recipe has been recognized by Food Awards such as Singapore Food Map, Star Award (by SFM) , 100 Singapore Special Commendation Award & was featured in U weekly. Over the years it has captured the hearts of many through its rich, creamy and distinctive taste. The “Secret” to its Curry is its “Specialty Curry Chili Paste” which is made using more than 21 Secret Spices and Herbs. It takes a painstakingly 9 hours of skills , hard work and dedication to prepare in order for the chili to reach its rich aromatic flavor.

The Perfect Curry

  • 21 Secret Spices & Herbs
  • 4 Hours to Chop, Blend, Prepare Spices & Herbs
  • 5 Hours to Cook our Chili Paste
  • 1 Hour to Cook the Perfect Curry