Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken. My family’s bread and butter. A dish I have a love hate relationship with. Love it because it is so yummy and a comfort food that warms my heart. Hate it because I don’t just eat it with rice or bread… I eat it with rice AND bread. There goes that low-carb diet… Bye bye waistline…

Regretfully though, the hate mainly stems from the fact that I don’t know how to make it. So sad. There’s a happy twist though. Recently, my brother gave me a simplified version of the curry chicken recipe. This is not as tedious as the age old family recipe and it is simpler. But just as delicious… Just what I need.

To make this curry chicken, first we need to make the curry paste or as some of us prefer to call it the rempah. For that we would need various spices and herbs.



Blue Ginger (Galangal)

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To make this dish, I had to put aside a couple of hours. The original family recipe requires 9 hours of hand preparation and an hour of cooking. So I would recommend setting aside a couple of hours to make this simpler but just as tasty curry.

So now you have it. And like I always say, go ahead and tweak the recipe to fit your palate. There’s two recipes below! Until next time!


Curry Paste


Prep time 15 min
Cook time 20 min
Yields Approximately 1 kilograms



Things you need



100 grams Shallot
100 grams Garlic
100 grams Blue Ginger (Galangal)
100 grams Chilli padi (Bird’s eye chilli)
100 grams Turmeric
100 grams Lemongrass
100 grams Chilli powder
200 grams Chilli paste
40 grams Salt
35 grams Sugar
90 millilitres Oil



Here’s how


  • Chop turmeric, lemongrass, blue ginger, chilli padi, shallots and garlic into smaller pieces before blending
  • Place all chopped items into the blender and blend till a fine consistency
  • Add oil into frying pan and fry the blended mixture over medium heat
  • Add the chilli powder and chilli paste into the blended mixture. Add more oil if the mix looks too dry.
  • Add the sugar and salt
  • Cook until the paste is dry.



Helpful tips


  • Paste should be dry but not crumbly.


Curry Chicken


Prep time 15 min
Cook time 30 min
Yields 2 pax



Things you need



500 grams Chicken thigh (Chopped)
100 grams Curry paste
10 pieces Curry leave
15 millilitres Oil
600 millilitres Water
1 large Potato (Chopped)
250 millilitres Fresh Coconut Milk
90 millilitres Milk
2 grams Salt
1 gram Sugar



Here’s how


  • Add oil into frying pan and stir fry the curry paste.
  • Add chicken thigh and curry leaves and fry over medium heat.
  • Add water and simmer for 8 minutes over medium heat.
  • Add the chopped potato, simmer for another 8 minutes over medium heat. Use a chopstick to check if potato is cooked and soft.
  • Add salt, sugar, coconut milk and milk. Bring to boil and serve!



Regina is an actress, educator, writer and amateur home cook. Her friends think that she is not a bad home cook, her brothers on the other hand, think she is terrible. In her defence, growing up in a family of fantastic chefs, she had always left the cooking to them. Her mantra – they cook, she eats. She is FINALLY learning some of her family recipes and has not harmed anyone with her cooking thus far (fingers crossed.) Now, if she can cook, anyone can cook too!