Pickled Green Chilli

I must admit, I love my condiments.

There is this pickled green chilli that I tend to put to almost every Asian dish I eat. Whether it is Wanton Noodles, Egg Fried Rice or Congee, it just gives the dish that bit of tangy punch. I am probably one of the crazy ones who can just snack on these pickled green chilli.

Now, it is not difficult to find this condiment off the shelves of the supermarkets. However, because some like it sweeter, some like it spicier, some like it sourer, these off the shelf versions may not satisfy as much. And having eaten a ton of these growing up, I noticed that every zichar stall have their own pickled green chilli too! My taste buds are hard to please, since I snack on them solo, so I have resorted to finding that balance that I personally like. As with all recipes, minor tweaking are what makes that awesome recipe AMAZING! (Every home cook raise your hand if you agree with me!)

This recipe is super simple. It only requires only a grand total of… THREE! Three ingredients! Ready for it? The first ingredient is of course GREEN CHILLI, the second ingredient is white vinegar and the third is sugar. In my bid to keep sugar to a minimal in my diet, I thought I could replace it with stevia (like I do with my baking.) The result was not as I expected. Swopping out sugar is not an option when you are going to pickle anything. Trust me. I learnt it the hard way.

If you are making it in bulk, please wear gloves while slicing those green chilli. They may not be as spicy as their red-hot sisters, but they may still cause some chilli burn on the hand.

One of my brothers prefer to boil the green chilli in the vinegar direct. I call this the lazy-man method. Haha.

Our mother taught us that to get that crunch in the green chilli, her best method is a bit tedious, but that’s my preferred method. Firstly, get the water boiling hot, then blanch the chilli to get it bright green, after which take them out of the hot water and dunk them in iced water.

They will be crunchy even after the pickling. Just the way I like it. As with all recipes, it is always best to find the method that creates the taste that best suits you! Tweak away!

Store them in recycled leftover peanut butter or jam jars or those pretty looking jars from IKEA.

If I can make it, so can you! Until next time!




Pickled green chilli


Prep time 10 min
Cook time 25 min
Yields 2 x 500ml bottles



Things you need


500 grams Green chilli
500 ml White vinegar (distilled or any fruit vinegar)
160 grams Sugar



Here’s how


  • Rinse the green chilli and dry them
  • Slice the green chilli
  • Bring water to boil and blanch the chilli till bright green
  • Pour away the water
  • Cover the chilli in cold water to keep the chilli crisp
  • Boil vinegar and sugar together
  • Split the chilli into two small bottles and cover the chilli with the sugared vinegar (make sure to cover the chilli with the liquid)

    Helpful tips


  • For crispier chilli, let the vinegar concoction cool first before pouring the sugared vinegar into the jar of iced chilli
  • Pickled green chilli can be stored for up to 1 month

Regina is an actress, educator, writer and amateur home cook. Her friends think that she is not a bad home cook, her brothers on the other hand, think she is terrible. In her defence, growing up in a family of fantastic chefs, she had always left the cooking to them. Her mantra – they cook, she eats. She is FINALLY learning some of her family recipes and has not harmed anyone with her cooking thus far (fingers crossed.) Now, if she can cook, anyone can cook too!