Tips for choosing seafood

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I am a seafood lover. When I see food I eat them. Ok lame joke over. But really, how does one choose seafood?


They come in all forms and some times I really just buy the frozen ones because I don’t know how to choose the fresh ones. I get my frozen fish and seafood from Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice and of course Redmart.

To me, fresh frozen seafood are probably the freshest because they are frozen at sea. The seafood caught are processed and freeze immediately, locking in the freshness. BUT! There is a plethora of fresh seafood made available in our wet markets and supermarkets! So here are some tips on how to choose fresh seafood!

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When choosing fresh FISH…

Clear eyes

Red gills


                    • Check for clear eyes and red gills
                    • Firm to the touch
                    • Make sure there is no slime




When choosing fresh PRAWNS…

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  • Check that head and tail are intact
  • Prawn is firm to the touch
  • Not milky or cloudy looking


When choosing fresh CRAB…

  • Crab is lively
  • Check the crab’s belly for firmness
    (Bulging yellow tinted belly is belly good!)
  • Look for dull shells


When choosing fresh SQUID…

  • Check for bright colours
  • Firm to the touch
  • No slime

So there you have it!

Tips to choosing seafood!


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